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When to call
Tel. 030 / 339 379 370
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Saturday appointments available by prior arrangement.
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Dr. Carola Seekamp

Specialist in Orthodontics

Curriculum Curriculum vitae

  • 2007 Authorisation to provide orthodontic training
  • 2001 Invisalign certification
  • 1997 Establishment of an orthodontic practice in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district
  • 1997 Orthodontics examination and recognition by the Dental Association of Baden-Württemberg as a Specialist in Orthodontics
  • 1992-97 Specialist training programme in orthodontics at the Hannover Medical School and in a specialist dental surgery in Offenburg (Baden-Württemberg)
  • 1991 Doctorate in dentistry (Dr med. dent.). Thesis: Working on dental hard tissues with a CO2 laser
  • 1990-92 Employment in a general dental surgery in Berlin
  • 1984-89 Study of dentistry at Freie Universität Berlin
  • 1983-84 Study of mathematics and physics at the TU Berlin
  • 1983 Abitur (German university entrance qualification) in Berlin


  • Member of the board of advisors for the Orthodontic Society in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Member of the German Orthodontic Society
  • Member of the audit committee of the Berlin Dental Association, responsible for orthodontics


I take part in regular training to ensure that I am able to offer my patients top-quality treatment in line with the latest developments within orthodontics. The most important professional development events I have attended are listed below:
  • June 2011
    Biomechanical considerations during orthodontic treatment, Professor Noriaki Yoshida
  • May 2011
    Twin Block seminar, Dr W. Clark
  • March 2011
    Patient motivation and cooperation – Strategies offered by health psychology
    Dr Amelie Wiedemann
  • Jan 2011
    5th annual conference of the German Society of Lingual Orthodontics
  • Jan 2011
    Non-surgical open bite correction in adults with skeletal anchorage, Dr Junji Sugawara
  • Dec 2010
    Orthodontic workshop, Hans-Ulrich Schrinner
  • Dec 2010
    Special course on radiation protection in digital volume tomography (Part 2)
    Professor Axel Bumann
  • Nov 2010
    Latest developments in 3D planning and its use in orthodontic/maxillofacial surgery
    Dr Michael Liokumowitsch and Dr Alexander Moegelin
  • Oct 2010
    Skeletal anchoring in everyday life, Dr Peter Göllner
  • Sept 2010
    Special course on radiation protection in digital volume tomography (Part 1)
    Professor Axel Bumann
  • Sept 2010
    Early class III treatment: A new mixed dentition strategy, Dr Silvia Allegrini
  • Sept 2010
    Opening up the moving body: Creating fluidity in running and other activities
    Dr Wilbur Kelsick, Canada
  • June 2010
    Interdisciplinary MED-DENT forum – The close connection of ears, nose, throat and mouth, Professor Oliver Kaschke and Dr Steffen G. Köhler
  • April 2010
    Apical rot resorption: Risk factors and clinical consideration – Periodontal tissue regeneration by orthodontic tooth movement, Dr A Davide Mirabella, Ferrara
  • March 2010
    The surgical option – Science meets art, Dr Monica Palmer and Dr Alfred G. Becking
  • March 2010
    Sleep breathing disorders in children – A new task for the orthodontist
    Dr Ullrich Hübers, Offenburg
  • Feb 2010
    CMD from an ENT perspective
    Interdisciplinary dental-medical quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • Feb 2010
    3-D cephalometry, Professor Gwen Swennen, Bruges
  • Jan 2010
    Emergency training for medical surgeries and care facilities
  • Dec 2009
    Practical aspects of applied kinesiology for dentists and hypnotherapists
    Professor Frank Bittmann
  • Nov 2009
    Causes and clinical appearance of lateralisation disorders, Dr Hannelore Pester
  • Nov 2009
    Laterognathia: Diagnosis, therapy, operation methods, pre and post treatment
    Dr Michael Liokumowitsch and Dr Alexander Moegelin
  • Oct 2009
    CMD – Indications and selection of braces
    Interdisciplinary dental-medical quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • Sept 2009
    The atlanto-occipital joint from an interdisciplinary perspective
    Interdisciplinary dental-medical quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • Sept 2009
    Periodontal restoration in orthodontics, Professor Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann, Berlin
  • June 2009
    Functional disorders – New paths in health care education – The functional therapist
    Interdisciplinary dental-medical quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • April 2009
    The airways of the naso- and oropharynx – An interdisciplinary consideration based on otorhinolaryngological and oral and maxillofacial surgery
    Dr Elisabeth Gabka, Dr Alexander Moegelin, Dr Michael Liokumowitsch
  • March 2009
    Wire bending course
    Professor Asbjörn Hasund, Hamburg and Dr Karin Habersack, Weilheim
  • Feb 2009
    The valeograph – A device for assessing the regulation mechanism and patient presentation
    Interdisciplinary dental-medical quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • Feb 2009
    Diagnosis of food allergies and intolerances, Quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • Feb 2009
    Class II appliances, Workshop
  • Feb 2009 Mini implants in orthodontics – Biomechanics and clinical management,
    Dr Benedict Wilmes, Düsseldorf
  • Jan 2009
    Treatment with the Carriere® DistalizerTM
    Jose Carriere, D.D.S., M.D., Ph.D. and Luis Carriere, D.D.S., M.S.D., Ph.D
  • Jan 2009
    Compliance-independent molar distalisation – The most effective solutions – Mini-implants
    Dr Benedikt Wilmes
  • Sept 2008
    Twin Block appliance
    Dr Jonathan Sandler, Chesterfield
  • Sept 2008
    Self-ligating brackets
    Dr Cepand Djamchidi
  • Sept 2008
    Child orthodontics and growth physiology
    Medical Association of Brandenburg
  • June 2008
    Quality management
    Berlin Association of Panel Dentists (KZV)
  • May 2008
    The KISS syndrome
    Interdisciplinary dental-medical quality circle of the Berlin associations
  • May 2008
    Latest developments in immunology techniques
    Dr Marco Schmitt
  • April 2008
    The new Dymax Appliance
    Dr Neville Bass
  • April 2008
    Amalgam or composite
    Dr Bastian Kämpfe
  • March 2008
    Accompanying periodontal surgery before, during and after orthodontic treatment
    Dr Udo Schwarzott
  • March 2008
    Orthodontic treatment strategies today
    Dr Bastian Kämpfe
  • Feb 2008
    A wide range of treatment options using the tomas® pin for skeletal anchorage
    Professor Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann
  • Feb 2008
    The functional mandibular advancer
    Dr Gero Kinzinger
  • Feb 2008
    Photographic documentation in the orthodontic practice
    Professor Ralf J. Radlanski (Berlin)
  • Nov 2007
    Integrated surgical orthodontic therapy
    Dr G. William Arnett, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • Nov 2007
    Median mandibular distraction – Indications, methods, potential and limits
    Dr Michael Liokumowitsch, Dr Alexander Moegelin (Berlin)
  • Nov 2007
    Interdisciplinary approaches to pain conditions
    Dr Bastian Kämpfe
  • June 2007
    Craniofacial volume tomography
    Professor Axel Bumann (Berlin)
  • Jan 2007
    Manual therapy and orthodontics
    Dr Werner Schupp (Cologne)
  • Nov 2006
    Treating CMD and its destructive consequences effectively and economically
    Dr Gary Unterbrink
  • June 2006
    Classifying impacted and periodontally damaged teeth
    Professor Vincent Kokich (Seattle, Washington)
  • June 2006
    Professor B. M. Kleber (Berlin)
  • Feb 2006
    Orthodontic/maxillofacial anchorage
    Dr Andreas Haase (Berlin)
  • Oct 2005
    Dentistry from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Sept 2005
    Functional analysis as an essential element in dental/orthodontic treatment
    Professor Axel Bumann (Berlin)
  • Aug 2005
    Combined orthodontic and maxillofacial treatment - Operation simulation and splint construction
    Professor Rainer Schwestka-Poly (Hanover)
  • May 2005
    Comparison of traditional treatment methods and techniques with those of the future
    Dr W. Hanak (Berlin)
  • March 2005
    Distraction osteogenesis – A new outlook for orthodontic/maxillofacial treatment
    Dr A. Triaca (Berlin)
  • Oct 2004
    Invisalign® technology
    Professor Rainer Reginald Miethke (Berlin)
  • Oct 2004
    Cortical screws and palate implants for orthodontic anchorage
    Dr Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann (Berlin)
  • Sept 2004
    Oral and maxillofacial concepts in Berlin, Professor Herzog, Dr Liokumowitsch, Dr Marks
  • Aug 2004
    Lingual technology
    Dr Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann (Berlin)
  • March 2004
    Today’s methods of bite correction
    Dr Aladin Sabbagh
  • Feb 2004
    Dental sleep medicine
    Dr Susanne Schwarting, Dr I. Fietze
  • Dec 2003
    New concepts in the mechanics of orthopaedic treatment
    Dr Richard McLaughlin (orthodontist)
  • Sept 2003
    Passive self-ligating orthodontics
    Dr Dwight Damon, DDS, MSD
  • May 2003
    Aesthetic orthodontics and ‘KISS’ orthodontics
    Professor Fuhrmann (Aachen University)
  • Nov 2002
    Orthodontic treatment for adults
    Philipp-Pfaff-Institut Berlin, Professor Peter Diedrich (Aachen)
  • May 2002
    Functional analysis as an essential component in dental treatment planning (MFAII)
    Professor Axel Bumann (Berlin)
  • March 2002
    Essix technology and air-rotor stripping (ARS), Berlin
    Dr John J. Sheridan
  • Dec 2002
    Introduction to functional analysis (MFA I)
    Professor Axel Bumann (Berlin)
  • Nov 2002
    Torque – an essential component in high quality orthodontics, Berlin
    Professor Dietmar Segner (Hamburg)
  • June 2001
    Functional diagnosis in practice and the pre-therapy of dysfunction-related disorders of the masticatory system, Professor U. Lotzmann (Berlin)
  • March 1999
    Lingual treatment with the Orthomate, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
    Dr Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann (Berlin)
  • March 1999
    The bionator – Not an ideology, Philipp-Pfaff-Institut, Berlin
    Dr U. Kinzler
  • Feb 1999
    Facial aesthetics, orthodontics and orthognatic surgery – A concept with extraordinary results, Stuttgart
    Dr William Arnett, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • Dec 1998
    X-ray diagnostics using the orthopantomogram, Philipp-Pfaff-Institut Berlin
    Professor Dücker (Freiburg)
  • Nov 1997
    Treatment of Angle Class III, Berlin
    Professor R.-R. Miethke (Berlin)
  • Dec 1996
    Introduction to the segmented arch technique, Munich
    Michael R. Marcotte (Bristol), Professor Ingrid Rudzki-Janson (Munich)
  • July 1996
    Combined orthodontic and maxillofacial treatment of skeletal maldevelopment in adults
    Dr Franz Richter, Dr Uta Richter, Professor Christian Michel (Würzburg)
  • June 1996
    The headgear/activator combination, Düsseldorf
    Dr U. Teuscher (Zurich)
  • April 1996
    Total strategy in orthodontics non compliance-therapy
    Association of German Orthodontists BDK (Stuttgart)
  • March 1996
    8th symposium for practical orthodontics, Cologne
    Dr Drescher, Professor Rainer-R. Miethke
  • March 1996
    New developments in orthodontics: Theory and practice of practicable treatment methods, Tübingen
    Professor F.P.G.M. van der Linden
  • Nov 1996
    Straight wire courses IV and V, Munich
    John C. Bennett (London)
  • Nov 1995
    The concept of diagnosis and therapy in orthodontics, Berlin
    Dr Dominique Grobety (Switzerland)
  • Nov 1995
    Orofacial orthopaedics with the functional controller, Freiburg
    Professor R. Fränkel (Zwickau)
  • Oct 1995
    Advanced segmented arch technique, Freiburg
    Dr Charles Burstone (USA)
  • Oct 1995
    Modern edgewise mechanics & the segmented arch technique, Freiburg
    Dr Charles Burstone
  • Oct 1995
    Adult Orthodontics with a Postural Philosophy, Frankfurt
    Dr Marcel Korn (USA)
  • Dec 1994
    Straight wire courses I,II,III, Munich
    John C. Bennett (London)
  • Oct 1994
    Preprosthetic orthodontics, Berlin
    Dr Franz Peter Schwindling (Merzig)
  • Oct 1993
    D.M.D. non extraction therapy I, Hamburg
    Norman M. Cetlin (USA)
  • July 1993
    Orthodontic treatment of adults, Aachen
    Professor P. Diedrich (Aachen)
  • April 1993
    The Jasper jumper, Hanover
    Dr J. J. Jasper(USA)
  • Oct 1991
    In-depth multi-banding II, Berlin, Professor R.-R. Miethke
  • Oct 1991
    In-depth multi-banding I, Berlin, Professor R.-R. Miethke

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